11º Samba Solidário’s success helps to keep the children at TL

It was an unforgettable sunday: hundreds of people took part in the 2022 Samba Solidário, in support of Terra Livre’s children, which happened on June 5th, at Quintal do Keké.

In addition to the contagious presentation Heróis do Botequim and singer Xexéu, it was offered a delicious feijoada, in an atmosphere of much joy, harmony and solidarity.

With the sale of 300 tickets, we were able to raise a net value of R$14.577,50 - enough to sustain 10 children for 3 months at TL. This estimate is based on the monthly cost of one child at the NGO, calculated at R$480,00.

Terra Livre supports more than 90 children and teenagers with socio-educational and humanitarian programs. It provides 4 daily meals to children at full time and 2 meals for those at part time.

On behalf of the children, our gratitude to everyone who contributed to this successful event.


Grupo Natureza, Quintal do Keké, Heróis de Botequim, Xexéu, Cirgráfica, Dr. Cristina Lopes, former Human Rights and Affirmative Policies Secretary of Goiânia, for donating audiovisual equipment for the event.

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