COVID-19: Essential Supplies Collection Campaign

Dear friends of Terra Livre, the social isolation caused by the Coronavirus has shown serious consequences for the kids' families whom we assist together. We are monitoring each one of these families with the support of our team of educators, social assistants, and psychologists. Furthermore, we already know that 21% of the children's fathers have lost their jobs during the past days. Currently, we have 120 kids and teenagers 62 families that take part in our daily activities.

With that in mind, we have decided to organize a campaign to raise essential supplies baskets (containing 14 food items and 7 hygiene and cleaning items) which will be bought in regional marketplaces in order to help the local economy. We are destining the resources, originally gathered for the purchase of supplies, to set up these baskets. Nonetheless, the amount of resources we have collected is not enough. Therefore, we are initiating a fundraiser to assist all of those in need of these baskets.

The cost of each basket is R$ 133,35.
In case you are able to contribute with any amount, the bank account information for the deposits is listed below:

Banco do Brasil S/A
Agency: 1269-6
Current account 17.273-1
CNPJ: 05.312.502/0001-71
Movement Terra Livre

This time we will not be accepting the donations of products in order to maintain the safeness of our team.

If you have any doubts: +55 (62) 99614-5070

Please send the receipt of your donation to this number so that we can forward the baskets' receipt to you.
Social justice in equality and in cooperation.
Thank you and take care of yourself! Terra Livre.
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