Sponsor a child

Levels of Giving (Monthly) Titanium Business Partner DONATION AMOUNT OF US$ 600 AND ABOVE
Covers all educational activities and needs (food, school supplies, cleaning supplies) for 5 children at the center.

Sponsorship includes all Platinum benefits plus:
  • Consultation and support on how to increase your company’s philanthropic involvement: opportunities for facilitation of workshops, design of custom training materials for your employees, invitation to visit the educational center in Goiânia
  • Right to use photos of Terra Livre's campaigns and projects for internal and external communication channels linked to your company (newspapers, TV, company website, etc.)
  • « Aqui Se Faz o Bem » (« Good is done here ») motto
Platinum Business Partner (Empresa Plus) DONATION FROM R$ 1.260 (approximately US $330) A MONTH
When your company selects this level of sponsorship, it provides all activities and needs (food, school supplies, cleaning supplies) at the center for 3 children.

  • Distribution of your company's promotional materials, at Terra Livre's events
  • Opportunity to request monthly lectures for your internal or external audience, about themes such as: children's and teenagers rights, volunteering, social responsibility, culture of peace
  • « Aqui se faz o bem » (« Here the good is done ») motto
Gold Business Partner (Empresa Chancelada) DONATION FROM R$ 420 (approximately US $110) A MONTH
When your company selects this level of sponsorship, it provides all activities and needs at the center for 1 child.

  • Right to use Terra Livre's logo on your company's printed materials or packaging
  • Be featured on Terra Livre’s social media accounts
  • « Aqui se faz o bem » (« Here the Good is done ») motto
Silver Business Partner (Empresa Parceira) DONATION FROM 100 R$ (approximately US $30) A MONTH
When your company selects this level of sponsorship, it allows us to organize our activities.

  • Bimonthly sending of newsletters to all our mail contacts (national and international)
  • Preference will be given for all our purchase of supplies to the companies and institutions that sponsors Terra Livre, with their respective logos
Bronze Business Partner (Empresa Apoiadora) PRODUCTS AND SERVICES SUPPORT
When your company selects this level of sponsorship, it allows us to organize our activities.

  • Your logo will be featured on Terra Livre's website (including a link to your company website) and at presentations to potential sponsors
The donation opportunities above are dependent on the upgrade of the categories.
Jaci Dias Melo de Oliveira
« In 2009, with my son Marcos Antônio, we had an opportunity to visit the NGO Terra Livre and to meet one of its founders, Mitzi Amado.

Since he was a child, he had always come with me to visit pre-schools and poor communities. He has always known about my affinity for social causes.

We brought to our company, O Boticário de Goiânia, the idea of sponsoring this institution together and asked all employees if they preferred to focus on children, teenagers or the elderly. Finally, we stayed with Terra Livre's children...

We made this choice because we strongly believed in the NGO's work and because it was a small institution. We believe that our collaboration could get stronger and more concrete. We feel confident about the work they are doing, both in the financial aspects and in my visit to see the children.

We have always had this culture of social responsibility, and we have always been encouraged by our franchisor, O Boticario, to enhance this culture. We have, as a result, been awarded several times for being a company that stands out for these kinds of actions. We work hard to encourage volunteering. We also want to leave this legacy to our employees and families.

Today, we are forming a group of three brands, O Boticario, Quem Disse Berenice and Chopp Brahma Express. Our three companies support Terra Livre, and some of our collaborators also personally sponsor it.

We are fully satisfied by this partnership, which has been in place since 2009.

Sponsoring Program for Individuals: To improve activities, in regard to both food and health for the children, the NGO Terra Livre has developed a sponsorship program for individuals.

Through this program, each partner can sponsor a child, or several, and help us through monthly donations, which are necessary to maintain the physical structure of the building and the well-being of the children.

DONATION FROM 50 R$ (approximately US $15) A MONTH
When you select this program, you help a family participate in our Community Education program.

  • It includes a monthly newsletter with acknowledgments
You will have the opportunity to personally meet every child and to see the difference that your contribution makes in their lives. You are more than welcome, you are essential! Donations online via BANK TRANSFER (TRANSFERENCIAS BANCARIAS) Terra Livre of Central Iowa
Account: 279101
Routing: 073 903 354
West Bank
1601, 22nd Street
West Des Moines, Iowa, 50266
Please email us at comunicacao@terralivre.org.br informing about your donation so that we may send you a receipt. Thank you once more for your help in this good cause.

Banco de Brasil S/A (bank number for DOC e TED : 001)
Bank number : 1269-6
Bank Account : 17273-1
CNPJ : 05.312.502/0001-71
Movimento Terra Livre
Be a volunteer Visit Terra Livre, learn about our projects and contact us to learn how to become a volunteer for the NGO.
Contact us to book a visit at Terra Livre or simply come to the center!
I am highly grateful to Terra Livre. For many reasons: it brought me to people who share the same ideals, the same hope in a fairer, more human world, the same belief in the human being, the courage to do what very few people do...

Being at a place where everybody already is is very easy.

Accommodating, working, watching TV series and contemplate how the time goes away. I don't know what would be my life if I haven't been to meet you. From the depths of my heart.

Thank you so much for having brought me to myself.
Rua Tamboril, esquina com Rua Vinhático, Qd. 11, Lt. 09 - Residencial Caraíbas - Aparecida de Goiânia - Goiás - CEP 74946-605